Antoine's Photography (mostly Leica stuff)


Hi there... Thanks for visiting!

Just a few shots, mostly Leica gear such as Q2, M, Monochrom, SL2, etc.

Gear is not the most important thing as long as you use the proper stuff for a given project.

I currently use an iPhone (*) plus a few full frame cameras, depending on the situation:

- Traveling light with just a flight bag? Leica Q2 with its superb Summilux 28mm. Ideal for everyday photography.

- Street photography in B&W? The new Leica M10 Monochrom with the Summicron M-50 APO. A superb lens for a superb camera... I also use a Summicron M28 ASPH and a M75mm.

- Portrait, landscape, studio, aircraft pictures... Leica SL2 with APO-Summicrons SL 35 and 75, plus VE 16-35mm and VE 90-280mm zooms. This gear is heavy. Very heavy. There is no way to carry all of it on a daily basis. Therefore the SL2 comes along whenever the destination or the subject is calling for the complete set. I sometimes use the M-50mm APO with the SL2, manual focusing being fast and accurate with a M lens.

Generally speaking, anything Leica is rendering superb image quality. I hope you'll notice it while browsing these few pictures. Drop me a line if you want to know a bit more about the gear I use. 

Obviously, I am no pro-photographer, nor pretend to be.

(*)  I also use a DJI Osmo Pocket for aerial videos, and a DJI Mavic Pro drone...

(C) All pictures shown on this website are copyrighted and cannot be used on any media.

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